my story

In high school, I was always the student that got lost in my own doodles while others were lost in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the 3 collegiate years I spent studying elementary education, I found myself spending more time designing my notes and classroom posters than I did learning in what I was to teach. Despite a late start, today I have turned what was procrastination into passion and that passion into creation.

Public Relations
Drive to fill any empty space

So let’s get to know each other, I’ll start.
I’m a senior at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications. Currently, I am the Social and Digital Marketing Intern for Purdue University, working directly under the NPR station WBAA. In addition to my time at WBAA, I also provide marketing and design strategies for Erika Brown Photography and Be Moved Power Yoga. As I work toward graduation this August, I’ll be continuing to build my portfolio both creatively and strategically through these opportunities. My passions for graphic design, social media, web development and design, event planning, and working with others serve as the driving forces that continually motivate me to grow within this field. I plan to find a position following graduation that continues to hone and expand my skills within all aspects of public relations and strategic communication.

I dabble with creating any new concept I may have that day and enjoy designing even my worst ideas.

I explore photography every moment this beautiful world permits.

A summer in Europe instilled a love for travel in me.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and you can always choose joy.

I hold my mother’s words, “you can do anything you set your mind to”, as a religion, not just a cliché.

Challenges should be considered adventures and I love to explore.

I’m an optimist, an innovator, an educator, and a creator with a dream to design a beautiful life.

What Future Could We Create Together?

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